Reinout Velleman (b. 1999): My work consists of representational figurative paintings displaying dramatized scenes from contemporary life: a tense business meeting or a man cheating while playing cards. Furthermore I practice outdoor landscape painting and portrait painting from life.

Currently based in Groningen, the Netherlands.


Currently on display until the 30th of october: DSG Gallerie. “Manifestatie Jong V” Assen, Koopmansplein 16.

2017 – 2021 BA Fine Art. Academy Minerva (Hanze Hogeschool) Groningen.

2021 Academie Minerva. “Greenlights” Groningen.

2020 Gallerie Logman. “Boven de Bank” Utrecht.

2018 NP3. “Rembrandt and AI” as part of the project “Science Friction” Groningen.

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